Mindless Monologuing

rm -rf myself

We all live in a prostate s(t)imulation

Why arn't there any anime RPG fields that I can just go in lay in.

Someone needs to plant a magic missile in my forehead.

Get bent.. I have plenty of time to regret being born

That sex scene from the lawnmower man was pretty cool.

G0d is dead,

and internet explorer 6 killed him


This place looks like my kind of hell

Despite all my 'tude, I'm still just slime in a tube..

Why can't I sucker punch people without them finding out?

I'm so tired of being tired

Why do I keep finding the most horid, lovecraftian insects inside my house. This is hell.

My rapper name would most likely be MC Chicken and the krispy bunch

Suck my dick..

Lick my stick.