Just some weird stuff I've found on the internet

Windows 95's Subliminal Messages

Bill Gates dead man, miss him miss him miss him

Archive of 90's rave zines


Archive of old 4chan threads

Archive of various 4chan threads between 2009 and 2012.

Honestly pretty afraid to open these.


A blog all about bootleg simpsons paraphernalia. They actually use to sell bootleg bart shirts and stuff here, a shame I missed out.

Don't have a box new

Good Morning Mr. Orwell (1984)

This was an art piece made by Nam June Paik, that aired live via satellite on new years day, 1984. It includes some abstract video segmants, and performances from Oingo Boingo, Peter Gabriel, and the Thompson Twins, aswell as some others I don't know so well. I've linked the youtube upload of it, but i've known youtube to take down stuff for dumb reasons, so i've uploaded it as well. Also, heres the Wiki page with more info on it.


Buncha 2ch ascii art.


Not really that weird honestly, it's just a Japanese website detailing modding/fixing, and then installing Damn Small Linux on a fairly old laptop. I dig how the site looks though, obviously enough.


Edward Snowden's teenage anime homepage, at least it would certainly seems so. Some person posted this in a 4chan thread I was reading a while back. The website looks like something him and his then friends put together. The picture on the right is on of his mock album adverts from his page, pretty hillarious.


So this is a pretty strange site. From all I guess, it looks like at some point it was a BBS, but has now completely been overrun by spam bots. I couldn't really discern what the BBS was originally for, translating what Japanese that's there comes out as nonsense, or ads. I also don't really know what the image on the parent site is suppose to be (a render of some kind of building obviously), and reverse image searching doesn't yeild anything. I accidentally came across this site looking for a reasonable quality download of this album somewhere. The visitor counter does seem to work. I think the first time I came here the counter was in the low 1000s roughly


Just an old website that sells latex masks. I found this site when I just randomly encountered the picture of the frog mask in a google image search. I have no idea if this "Antony Gerard" still sells these mask, but I really hope so. The parent website has a bunch of other similar links (haunted houses, latex hands, noses and feet, costume stuff and other things of Antony's work)